Partnership with Families Project

The partnership with families offers support, advice and advocacy to parents whose children are in care.

Removing a child from its home can be a profound decision for a child and a family and can have lifelong implications. In dealing with such events, many parents lack the necessary resources and frequently feel powerless in negotiating or understanding the complexity of procedures when their child is placed in care.

We specifically try to alleviate some of these problems by assisting families who have children in care and to address the gulf that exists between services that are designed for children who are not receiving adequate care and the need for services that support families who have a child or children in care.

We will parents with the following:

  • Help parents play a full part in the child-in-care reviews and child protection case conferences
  • Accompany parents to meetings or court appearances.
  • Makes sure the parents are consulted in their children’s care plan.
  • Help parents link with other health and social service supports such as social work, family and community supports, other parents of children in care, counselling or other appropriate services.