After-School service


To provide a social setting for boys and girls aged 10 to 13 from the 3 estates in Tyone, so that they can come together after school and participate in activities which promote participation, development and good functioning, building a stronger sense of self, while having fun. Children currently in their last year of primary education will be the main focus of the club.


  • To build on personal and social skills, in particular, respect and co-operation.
  • To support personal development: self-esteem and confidence and also trust in self and others.
  • To create a sense of belonging within the local community by providing local activities.
  • To expose children to new experiences, to learn new skills and to identify latent skills
  • To build positive relationships with the children and their families.
  • To promote health and well-being within the Tyone Community.
  • To reinforce engagement with local families with a view to increased participation in community activities and with services.
  • To reduce boys engagement in anti-social activities affecting themselves, their families and their community.

Target Group

Boys and girls aged 10 to 12 from the Tyone area (Maximum 8 children). Children who will transition to secondary school next year will be targeted so that they can be supported in that transition. Children with particular difficulties such as behavioural or social problems will constitute a large proportion of the group

Location/Duration/Length of Session

The group will take place on Wednesday from 4 to 5.30pm in Tyone Community Centre.


Consultation and ownership of the group will be built into the process through involvement in creating the ground rules and by encouraging feedback and reflection (age appropriate). Learning new skills and having opportunities to express (verbally and through activities) will build self-esteem and confidence and teach the boys about self-management. Healthy food and physical activity will promote health & well-being.


Tyone Community Centre will provide a safe and friendly environment for children to unwind after a long day in school. Activities will encourage creativity, imagination and provide scope for children to become more aware of their own skills and talents. They will be exposed to a range of activities such as drama, music, art, physical activity that they may not normally have access to. There will be a focus on social skills development.