Tyone Womens Group - Summer Mural

Silver Arch Family Resource Centre community development section focuses on working with individuals and groups in building sustainable relationships and networks that will ultimately enhance the lives of many in the community.  It is a process as well as a task and is based on a preventative and early intervention model.  This aspect of our work is carried out subtly and consistently, as a support rather than a solution. 
The TETB provides supports for community education by granting tutor hours to facilitate group skills building.  The Tyone womens’ group was recently allocated hours to conduct a project of enhancing the rear garden of Tyone Community centre.  The group agreed to decorate the surrounding wall of the garden by creating a mural.  Through consultation with the group, the chosen design reflected the work of Silver Arch FRC using colours that match the colours of our logo.  Some key words were chosen also to reflect our values and ethos.  The garden was further enhanced by a display of flower boxes put together by another women’s group.
This was a true collaboration between the women’s group participants and the TETB tutor.  It demonstrated the significance of giving something back to the community in which we live in a spirit of kindness and generosity.  Overall, it benefited all participants and stakeholders and delivered a positive message to the Nenagh community: this is here for all to enjoy.